London Marathon 2020 Cancelled for Amateur Runners

The London Marathon is one of the biggest marathons that over 40,000 runners worldwide come together to raise money for their chosen charity. London hosts the marathon once a year. Every participant who is running the 42km race raises money while thousands of spectaculars across the city come to cheer and support the runners startingContinue reading “London Marathon 2020 Cancelled for Amateur Runners”


My Avatar is about me finishing my 5th Marathon in London in 2018.  I went back to London and raised money and awareness for Premature Babies and Women’s Health.  I had a lot to run for in this marathon and it was incredibly emotional.  I had trained with Oscar for three months and we hadContinue reading “AVATAR ANNOTATION”


I was about to run a 42k Marathon.  I had raised over $10,000 for my charity and here I am at the starting line and my heart is pounding and all I keep thinking was, what if I don’t finish this?  Am I going to be last?              The fear had set in!  Forty thousandContinue reading “WHY I WRITE and RUN…”

So You Want to Run a Marathon

            I have been running for over 10 years and accomplishing 6 marathons.  I also trained for my first 80k marathon and have raced in countless half marathons and events worldwide.              I have met the most amazing and dedicated people who are runners.  Anyone can run, all you need is a good pair ofContinue reading “So You Want to Run a Marathon”