London Marathon 2020 Cancelled for Amateur Runners

The London Marathon is one of the biggest marathons that over 40,000 runners worldwide come together to raise money for their chosen charity. London hosts the marathon once a year. Every participant who is running the 42km race raises money while thousands of spectaculars across the city come to cheer and support the runners starting from Greenwich and finishing at Buckingham Palace.  The London Marathon is one event over the year that charities can raise much-needed funds and each runner estimates on raising $5000 in their chosen charity. 

             The London Marathon was due to race on 26th April was moved to October and according to the article London Marathon 2020 cancelled for amateur runners and as the coronavirus pandemic continues across the UK, amateur runners cannot run the marathon only the elite runners.  This comes as a massive blow to charities as they will now have to find alternative ways to raise money and there will also be no spectators allowed to view the most anticipated race of the year.  The London Marathon where people dress up in costume, bands are playing and every km there is plenty of support, drinks, food, and people coming together to raise awareness for charities will not be allowed to be part of this significant event.   Charities rely on these big events and the London Marathon raises tens of millions every year and now this is a massive concern on how some charities will stay afloat and funding may not be enough.   Every runner has a reason to run and this is their way of giving back to the community. 

            There is a lot of pride in running the London Marathon and this is the only sport that elite runners run with amateurs and they can all compete in a running race.  The London Marathon was celebrating its 40th year and the first year where the marathon will not be the same and still allowing the elite runners and wheelchair athletes to continue to take part and keep the spirit of the London Marathon alive.  It takes three months to train for a marathon and many runners have been training over the year to take part which they thought they would still be able to in October and following the latest announcement that there will be no amateur runners competing. Through most of their training and avoiding injury and having raised money are now heartbroken and unable to race on a world stage and feel like a pro athlete.  London Marathon will be back hopefully next year will continue as the world’s best marathon and runners across the globe will have even more to run for. 

Published by nakiastevens

Running marathons with my 5 Year old son. Oscar. We run to raise awareness and support other families who are going though some challenging times

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