I was about to run a 42k Marathon.  I had raised over $10,000 for my charity and here I am at the starting line and my heart is pounding and all I keep thinking was, what if I don’t finish this?  Am I going to be last? 

            The fear had set in! 

Forty thousand runners from all over the world gathered in London to raise money for their chosen charity and I was one of them.  I could hear my gate number being called and it was time to go into the pen and wait.  I felt my feet pounded into the ground.  Would anyone know if I didn’t do this?  The grueling 3-month training through the winter months, raising money, and not wanting to disappoint anyone. 

I was suddenly looking at others and comparing myself.  My body type is not equipped to run a marathon.  I am not the slender, toned, athletic body type, I am more the short, rounded, and certainly didn’t feel like I belonged here and running a marathon.


 We were off! My feet had engaged with my legs and I started to jog otherwise I would be run over by 40,000 runners and I could end up as roadkill. 

My legs had turned from jogging into running and the pace had started.  I was running for Phabkids and families that needed new equipment to be able to play sport and enjoy some normality in their life.

            I was going to do this.

I had heard of the wall!  The wall is when you can’t run any further and your body just gives up! I had read alot about this through Hanny Allston. I got to 28k and I could feel something was hurting.  There was a blister starting to happen on the inside of my foot. 

Do I take my shoes off, Do I stop, but if I stop I may not be able to keep going.

             I kept going

Ignoring the pain, then at 38k I knew I had a bit more to go, but I felt it; and I was hurting.

Five hours of running at this point and I was looking around and each runner had a story.  We will all be going to finish the line and I felt part of the running community

I crossed the line. I haven’t stopped running marathons.  Every marathon is different, there is a story and a community of ‘we will get through this’.  So how do you run a marathon?  Where do you start?  You start right here with us.  One marathon at a time!

My first marathon in 2007, London. Before the race started, photo taken by another runner

this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Blog by Nakia Stevens is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Published by nakiastevens

Running marathons with my 5 Year old son. Oscar. We run to raise awareness and support other families who are going though some challenging times

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